The Chords Uk

The HiFi Club, Friday 25th October 2019

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The Chords UK+ Department S"Chris Pope is the best songwriter of his generation" - Paul WellerThe Chords UK are helmed by founding member and songwriter, Chris Pope, along with Mic Stoner, Kenny Cooper and Sandy Michie. Since 2013, The Chords UK have continued the legacy of Mod Revival heroes The Chords, by performing all of the band's hits - along with performing material from the two new albums by The Chords UK, "Take On Life" and "Nowhere Land".Department S started out as Guns For Hire who released a solitary single, "I'm Gonna Rough My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight" in 1980. "Is Vic There?", the debut single from Department S, became a top 10 hit in the UK, and was quickly followed up with the singles "Going Left Right" and "I Want" before the group disbanded.

The HiFi Club

2 Central Road, Leeds LS1 6DE